Come as you are.

At Faith Bible Church we aim to come together as a Gospel-centered community instrumental in seeing the love of Jesus proclaimed through our city and to our neighbors. We know there is no place for spiritual superiority. We just want you to come as you are because nobody here is perfect and hopefully nobody pretends to be.

Take some steps forward to learn more about our church, your purpose and calling, and ways that you can be a part of the work that God is doing through His church. All it takes is a willing heart and a desire to use your unique gifts and talents to bring life into the church.

Ways to Connect

At Faith Bible Church, we want to equip everyone to take a next step. We value your growth, your questions, and your relationships. Let’s move forward together. 

Jesus’ followers live their lives through local churches. Faith Bible Church cares deeply about our community. We want to bring people together who love Jesus to care for others and perform God’s work in our community. We encourage every member to serve at Faith Bible Church. 

We often overlook the fact that much of Jesus’ ministry was spent with the people that he loved. He ate meals with them, prayed with them, discussed the truth with them, and cared for their physical and spiritual needs. Jesus calls his followers to do the same.

We want to hear from you. If you have a praise testimony, prayer request, suggestion or concern, you can get in touch with us here

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